The different layers of iOS Architecture

IOS Operating System is proprietary OS of Apple Inc. IOS is widely used in Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads ,ipods etc.

iOS is a layered architecture comprising of 4 different layers.

IOS Architecture
  • Cocoa Touch Layer – It is the topmost layer in the iOS architecture. This layer provides the abstraction of IOS, it is written in Objective – C. It is important and it contains some of the key frameworks which are used by native applications. The UIKit framework is the most widely used. Foundation Kit Framework, MapKit, PushKit, EventKit are some of the other useful frameworks. It defines the basic application management and infrastructure, multitasking support, user interface management, multi-touch support, motion event etc.
  • Media Layer – A usuful layer that provides multimedia services which you can use within your iPhone, and other iOS devices. The Media layer comprises Graphics, Audio, and video. This layer consists of Assets Library, Core Text, Core Graphics, OpenGL ES and OpenAL, AV Foundation and Core Media. This layer is responsible for any kinds of drawing, rendering 2D and 3D data, buffering video, Text layout etc.
  • Core Service Layer – This layer provides features such as block objects, Grand Central Dispatch, In-App Purchase, and iCloud Storage. Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) was introduced in this particular layer which takes care of all the Memory Management. Core Services layer is also closely tied to the C-based Core Foundation-framework or Core Foundation.
  • Core OS -The Core OS layer holds the low-level features that most other technologies are built upon. It also interacts directly with the hardware. Most of the functionality provided by the three higher level layers are built upon the Core OS layer and its low-level features. The Core OS layer provides a handful of frameworks that your application can use directly, such as the Accelerate and the Security frameworks.

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