ListMantra – Project Management, Reporting and CheckList Application

One of the main reason to start a business is time freedom. Business owner thinks that ,they will get flexible time to work, can spend more time in growing business and also spend quality time with family, but does this really happen?

The other side of the story is that business owner is so much stuck with managing many things that at any given point, he is  constantly busy in some kind of activity. This gives him very less personal time and this can be stressful at times.

Major time goes into reporting, coordinating for work , in this scenario if any manual mistake or ignorance happens then it can cost a lot to the organisation. With manual way there is no system to track the progress as well. With no proper progress tracking mechanism, projects can be delayed, mismanaged, this can lead to  dissatisfied clients.

All the business owners on this planet constantly look for some system to automate the process of reporting.And  thankfully there is a solution available, ListMantra is one such application. It solves all the reporting issues and makes system automated. Its reporting system and checklists features are  extremely user friendly, easy to use. ListMantra takes care of demanding field reporting along with checklists and makes life easy for business owners.

But how does it help? The answer is simple, listmantra has mobile app for reporting and web based system to handle entire system.

Dashboard can,

  • Create users (field engineers, reporters or site engineers)
  • Create projects
  • Create checklists for different operations
  • Assign project to users
  • Assign checklists to users

Mobile app can,

  • View project assigned to him
  • All the checklist assigned to him
  • He can view the progress and share updates to client, admin
  • If anything requires immediate attention, user can report it immediately
  • Reports generated are saved on server as well, this helps admin track the progress
  • Reports are generated in pdf formats which can be shared with all the stakeholder

For example,on a construction project, manager assigns project and checklist related to floor construction covering all points to site engineer, site engineer does the inspection based on checklist, attaches pictures, generates report in pdf format.

Client receives pdf report and feedback link. Client can share feedback for report. Since, report is generated with images and checklist details of the project, client knows exact status on the project.

ListMantra is excellent project reporting, project management tool and with checklists it is more accurate and does meticulous management.

ListMantra is useful for architects,Interior Designers, RCC Contractors, Consultants, Developers & Civil Contractors , hotel industry, mechanical industry , the list is endless. It can be used in any sector any vertical.

If you want to know more about application and want to have a demo setup , please write to

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