How App Store Optimization Works.

The crucial thing on the app store and play store is the discovery of your app. There are millions of apps published, it’s very easy that your app can be lost in the crowd. How can we make sure that our app is discoverable or its visible all across the globeĀ and achieve the ultimate goal of high no of downloads.

One of the important technique which helps in discovering the mobile app on the app store is called App Store Optimization(ASO). In simple words, ASO helps your app to rank high in searches. For the website to get high traffic, SEO is done similar to this app store optimization is down for apps.

Most important factors of ASO

  • Keywords used in the title of the app – If you place a high ranking keyword in your app title, the chances of app discovery are high.
  • App keywords – Finding unique keyword is the key to success. App store has a limitation of only 100 keywords, hence find unique or niche keywords and not generic ones. Also, apple only allows modification in keywords at the time of release or update of app, hence take a time to find keywords that have more power. Keywords should reflect the search for your app or the services provided by your app.
  • App Description – In the case of the play store, app description plays an important role. If you want your Android app to rank high, then create app description with as much as relevant keywords as possible. App store description as well helps in search optimization.
  • App ratings – any app developer wish to have high ratings for the apps. App with good ratings rank high in searches and this intern will help high no app downloads as well.
  • More App downloads – more app downloads will bring more downloads since your app will have high visibility. Having a great ASO can build your brand, give recognition to it and it will increase the downloads of apps.

To get the best benefit out of ASO, app developer needs to spend time and effort. ASO is work in progress, it might take a while to get the right set of keywords and descriptions. Constantly, introspect about the keywords, check the performance of them and improve in order to get best results.

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