Data Structure – Importance and Advantages

Data Structure can be defined as the collection of data objects which provides a way of storing and managing data in the computer so that it can be used. Various Data Structures types are arrays, Linked List, Stack, Queue, etc. Data Structures are widely used in almost every aspect of Computer Science for simple as well as complex computations. Data structures are used in all areas of computer science such as Artificial Intelligence, graphics, Operating system etc.

Data Structures are the key part of many computer algorithms as they allow the programmers to do data management in an efficient way. A right selection of data structure can enhance the efficiency of computer program or algorithm in a better way.

Why Data Structures are needed

With increasing complexities in computer algorithms, the amount of data usage is increasing, this can affect the performance of the application and can create some areas of concern:

Processing speed: To handle very large data, high-speed processing is required, but with growing data processor may fail to achive required processing speed.

Data Search: Getting a particular record from database should be quick and with optimum use of resources.

Multiple requests: To handle simultanous requests from multiple users

In order to work on concern areas, data structures are used. Data is organized to form a data structure in such a way that all items are not required to be searched and required data can be searched instantly.

Data Structure Advantages

Efficient Memory use: With efficient use of data structure memory usage can be optimized, for e.g we can use linked list vs arrays when we are not sure about the size of data. When there is no more use of memory, it can be released.

Reusability: Data structures can be reused, i.e. once we have implemented a particular data structure, we can use it at any other place. Implementation of data structures can be compiled into libraries which can be used by different clients.

Abstraction: Data structure serves as the basis of abstract data types, the data structure defines the physical form of ADT(Abstract Data Type). ADT is theoretical and Data structure gives physical form to them.

Data structures are the basic building block of any programming language, complex computations. We will see each data structure in the next few articles.

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