Android 9 Pie

Feeling tempted? The name of the latest Android operating system is Android Pie or Officially Android P. This is the 16th version of Android OS and 9th Major update. It was officially released on 6th August 2018. Sony Xperia XZ3 was the first device on which it was pre-installed.

Android P introduced no of changes to Android systems. Few changes are applicable to all apps when they run on Android 9. Below is the list of new features.


User Experience Features

  • A powerful battery feature that prioritizes the maximum availability of power to apps which are most used by the user.
  • New user interface for quick settings of the menu.
  • This will take specific information from apps and display it without opening apps.
  • A new screenshot button is added to power options.
  • The new OS has improved dark mode.
  • Redesigned volume slider, which is now located next to the device’s physical volume button.
  • A new ‘Digital well Being’ feature is added, this discourages excessive usage of the phone
  • A ‘Shush’ feature is added for Do Not Disturb mode when the phone is kept facing down.
  • The redesigned volume slider is added which will be near to physical volume buttons.
  • The improved notification system, it will have a full conversation or full image displayed.

API level Features

  • Multi-camera API – This is made available so that two or more cameras can be used at the same time. This gives the developer a huge possibility of developing new options. This OS will support external camera connectivity using USB
  • Wifi RTT API- Android 9 adds new wifi protocol called as Wifi Round-trip-time. It helps in indoor positioning. This provides more accuracy. With this feature, new experiences can build such as in-building navigation, location-based information etc.
  • ImageDecoder – This is introduced in Android 9, it gives modern approach in image decoding. This class helps in creating Drawable or Bitmap using ByteBuffer, File or URI. With various methods provided, you can set image properties.
  • Neural Network API – Android 9 adds more new operations and functions.

Migrating To Android 9

Android 9 has introduced many new features. Developers can make use of these features.

Apps Migrating to Android 9

Make sure apps works with basic functionality on Android 9 without changing targetSdkVersion. Once app is working on Android 9, then change API level of targetSdkVersion to 28. App should be functional with new target version.

Device Migration to Android 9

Upgrade the system to Android 9 via upgrade provided by manufacturer. Review changes ,upgrades and features provided.

In short, Android 9 Pie is more faster , smarter and it adapts as you use it. It uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to give best to you from your phone.

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