7 important steps in mobile app development

Mobile apps are not a buzzword anymore, it is been 10 years since the first app was launched by Apple inc immediately after the launch of the first iPhone device. Since then there was no looking back for word apps.

By 2018, the app is a necessary keyword for mankind. People are using apps for almost everything. From reading books to ordering foods, to shopping, to reach out to the new place, everyone using apps.

But have you ever thought, who and how these apps are created

All these apps are created by individuals or group of individuals. These people had some ideas and along with ideas, they had a vision which makes them convert their idea into reality. Some had curiosity and out of curiosity, they work on apps. All apps have to go to certain steps.

Here are some steps that need to be taken in order to understand the app lifecycle process.

1.Idea validation

Most of the time the user feels, his or her idea is the best, there is no other idea better than this idea but in reality, this needs to be validated by others.

Idea validation is an important part of the process, most of the time, ideas are born out of need, to solve some critical problem, to ease complex work. Ideas can be taken from some successful apps as well. But just because some apps works doesn’t mean all apps on a similar pattern will work.

Play store and app store can be studied to check if similar apps exist and how do they perform. What more can be done better in order to get a better working app

It is very important to think about the acceptance of the audience, the audience wants simple, easy to use technology which makes life better and not something complex or critical. Taking a quick survey to validate idea is a great way.

The audience wants to be in comfort zone, doing things in the traditional way, so if you want to break that pattern with your mind-blowing idea, one also need to think about how to penetrate it among potential users effortlessly

2.Roadmap for development

Having a clear roadmap is important. Timelines are critical for development, daily thousands and thousands of apps are launched daily, so any delays in terms of time can cost a lot. Meticulous planning for each stage can make the process smooth

3.Developer platforms

Apps can be launched on android , ios and windows platforms. Choosing a development platform can be decided based on the audience

If you want to develop the application for students where penetration of Android phones is much higher than iPhones, then its natural choice to go for android app development. Similarly, an app for the luxury brand can be developed for both operating platforms


Just having an idea is not enough, budget or funding plans need to be in place. Once the idea is validated, one needs to plan for every aspect of converting an idea into reality, some of the costs that can involve,

  • Costs of hiring a developer team
  • Costs for servers
  • Cost for accounts on AppStore, play store
  • App marketing costs
  • App maintenance costs
  • App update costs

5.Create an MVP(minimum viable product)

The idea can be validated without development, once idea validation is done, an MVP should be developed, MVP can have limited features. This can be rolled out quickly and feedback from a limited number of users can be taken. Successful MVP launch can help full-featured app development to be visualized as a successful app.

6.Choosing the right team

Choosing the right team is critical. The team should understand the vision, should have technical knowledge. The team should be adaptable to changes happening in the extremely volatile field of mobile development,they should deliver quality

7. Marketing

Often people give more importance to the idea and less importance to marketing. But marketing is crucial in order to reach out to the audience in large numbers.

Marketing can be done in offline as well as online way. Reaching customer by the online way is widely used and accepted the approach

So if you are convicted with the big idea, you have validated your idea and you have the right budget for it then surely you can build a great product. Happy developing.

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